9. Puzzle.

Drag the pieces of the puzzle to assemble the toy.

5. Geometric Shapes.

Touch the geometric shape that Lalla is asking you to.

6. Learning the Colors.

Touch the color balloons that Lalla is asking you to.

3. Learning to count with Lalla.

Touch  the elements and listen Lalla count.

2. Feeding Lalla.

Choose the fruit or vegetable and drag it to Lallas mouth..

1. Changing the language and turning off the music.

how to play

Lallalandia is an Educational App designed to teach the basics in math, alphabet, colors, geometric shapes, good eating habits, memorization and motor coordination. It is a simple and easy App to use with voice commands to guide parents and children . Below are the explanations:

8. Learning the Numbers.

Touch the number that Lalla is asking you to.

4. Memory Game.

Find the matching cards.

10. Combining Forms.

Drag the toys to the corresponding forms.

7. Learning the Alphabet.

Touch the letter that Lalla is asking you to.